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Pig Witch

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It feels so "Halloween" here now in our place as the rumor about the witch who disguises himself as a pig is widely spread. I've heard about this rumor from my cousin and grandma three days ago when I accompany them to the padasal (prayer session to a dear relative who departed), wherein grandma led the 9-day prayer session. The story was not really told in detail as they as well just heard it.

Here goes the story:

It was said that a witch that disguised himself as a pig got into a house in a nearby village one night. It was not told what time of the night it was. Of course, seeing an astray animal in the house, the first thing to do is to push it out and ask the neighbors of its owner. But it was said the pig was defiant and vehement to get in the house, which scared the whole family. The head of the house then picked a stick and beaten the pig but to their panic, the pig turned into a human.  End of story.

I was curious if the said witch got away or it hurt the people in the said house. I am not hoping for the latter definitely. I did hope it was captured and was justly punished, if ever it was true. Or if it got away, meaning it was a good creature and didn't mean any harm to the people.

Tonight, I heard of it again. We are warned to be extra watchful at night. Gosh, I am having bad goosebumps right now! I do hope it isn't true or if it is, I hope the creature is a friend.

Chat Again

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I had a good laugh while talking with my grandmother the other day. It’s funny that an 85 years old woman who believed a woman can only marry once encouraged me to go chat online again to find a new man. She never married again after my grandfather passed away so many years ago. Yet there she was so eager for me to find a new love. I understand her encouraging as she has seen me at that worst days of my life, crying - longing for someone. Her belief might have been affected by the computer age. I live in a modern world anyway where youngsters handle marriage just like a game, she said. So why not go ahead and find a new happiness.

I might check out the sites I spotted lately that was reviewed in the sites and But before that, I might as well read tips regarding online dating again. It's been a long time since I last dated online so reading tips and reviews might be of help in staying on the safe side.

Inner Beauty Lasts

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I run into this quote while randomly browsing through the internet, just looking for an inspiration and a good read. This quote sure brings a big impact to the reader. I, myself was nodding in agreement while reading. Do you? 

True enough, inner beauty lasts but physical beauty withers through time. Everyday, we meet many good-looking people but only few are worth to be called "beautiful". With beautiful, for me it means a person who may not be too attractive to catch everyone's attention but with a heart so kind and loving and beyond attractiveness.

This quote is a one good inspiration for everyone. This inspires me today. I hope it inspires you too. 

Find Another Love

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It is not a secret to my family and friends that my husband and I have not been communicating for quite a while now. Or when we communicate, which often initiated by me as I try to contact him from time to time, it takes the husband months to reply. I know this situation is bad for a married couple more so since we live miles apart. It is not right for the husband to not find time to contact the wife when there is a lot of ways to do so.

As much as I want to talk to him everyday, I can't force him if he doesn't want to. I can feel he has done something bad. Maybe he got someone pregnant there or maybe he simply found a new one. What else would you think when you are in my situation? It just too shallow of a reason that the husband cannot contact because his computer is broken or he is very busy at work. Tsk!

After a year of depression due to this unlikable marriage situation, I came to realize that I am not who is at fault and I should not be sad just because of the husband's negligence. It will be his loss. Now that I am over with it, although not totally, I can start and end my days with smiles now. I still think of him but it doesn't hurt anymore.

Besides, I can always find another love if I want to. There is a lot of online chatroom on the internet like waiting for me that offers chat for free like if he doesn't it. Lol! Mentioning this site, you might as well give it a visit because it does not just offer chat for free, it also has web news of various topics including celebrities love affairs and helpful tips regarding online dating.

Kids' Palm Leaves Accessories

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Making accessories using palm leaves, I am sure some of you have done this when you were kids. I have and these kids have just reminded me how fun it was. It is one of the things that I like about home - the kids. Seeing them simply brightens my day. For some reason these kids are just so close to me. Or maybe I get myself close to them because I have been longing of having my own kids.

Well enough with that, let's meet Basti. Basti is one of my kid neighbors. He came up to me one day boasting his cool eyeglasses and wristwatch that were made with green palm leaves. My childhood memories then became so vivid in my mind upon seeing this sight of him all smiles and proud with his green palm leaf eyeglasses and wristwatch on, which he made himself. Isn't he looking so gwapo (handsome) with those on?

My cousin's daughter Small (that's her nickname) also made herself an eyeglasses and then struck a pose too before my camera. She tried to struck a model-like pose.

It is fun looking at them so busy making these accessories and they were so good in it. It is nice to recall that once in my life, I was as cool and as creative as these kids for I have made and worn these cool accessories too. Lol! So, were you as cool and creative as these kids too? Have you ever made yourself an eyeglasses and wristwatch made of green palm leaves too when you were kids?

Btw, you can only make these things with green palm leaves and not with the withered ones for the latter is curled in and easily breaks.

I link this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.