A Fool On April Fool's Day

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This is another lesson for not reading a full article. I got up a while ago, logged into my computer to check my mails in Yahoo when this headline hugely caught my attention. I turned to my Facebook tab right away half-awake and asked about how true it was on my status. That sudden action made me into one of the fools on April Fool's Day.

Why on earth will this popular video website shutting down? Although I had issues with it the past year, I would be sad saying bye bye to it. It's been of my sources of entertainment. I did find the headline unbelievable but one side of   my mind believed it. It could happen. And me being lazy reading a full article made me into a fool. I wanted a fast answer to turn into FB status and it turned out i forgot today is April Fool's Day. If you want to read the full article about YouTube's shutdown, click here.