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Step Back -- the first meeting

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It was on the month of June 2006 when I saw an “I’m interested” icon in my account. It is a dating site that was sent to my mail as spam message. 0ut of my curiosity I registered myself on it. It was Mr. Gary Dale Wilks Jr. who sent me the icon sayin' he was interested on getting to know me more. We talked a few on that dating site and end up asking each other’s email address and yahoo id. Later that month we get used of using YM and sending message though Ymail and I then started receiving phone calls from him which I excitedly waited for everyday.

September 2, 2006 – we personally met in Manila. He met some of my relatives there, my uncles and aunts and cousins. I can tell we had a great time together. He is a cowboy. That must be the character i love about him. I let him sleep in the floor with a cushion mat of course; I let him eat sinigang na bangus, I let him drink beer Filipino style with only one glass for a group with mani & chicharon as pulutan. It was such a happy memory, worth remembering. It can put a smile on my lips specially when I remember those moments we stayed in Boracay. I thought at that time, our happiness are for a lifetime but then there are some people who were unhappy of our happiness; those people who want to break us down. My former boyfriend suddenly called me up after a year of no communication while his former girlfriend called him up though she has been disturbing us since he arrived and yes I read all her messages because my husband let me read it. And they succeed in breaking us down. For now, when we get to remember the past, we just laugh over it and say “how great God’s ways are", because everything happened for a reason. It was a test for us and it only made us stronger.

September 15, 2006 – he called me and asked me to take him to the airport. I took him to the airport and officially set him free. “So, friends?” was my last question to him and he took my hand and said “friends”. It was a delightful yet painful feeling because sure I will miss him. As he stepped out the taxi that took us to airport I knew it was our end, end of my first love. But he looked back and walked back and kissed me and whispered in my ear “I will miss you.” Those words brought tears into my eyes and gave me hope. My heart said it would not be the last kiss because our love for each other was still there hoping for a second chance.