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"A very attractive and enticing blog. Very nice color scheme. I really like the posts Boggle me, couple's corner with a nice lip lock pix. Retractable banner? I learned something new here. Good job!"

"A girly site with a girly feeling to it. Designed well, and interesting, I can see a part of your personality in all that, which is great! I hope you can opt into my newsletter, its where I share a ton of cool stuff as well, from music to videos and great inspirational articles, all info on my blog page. Would love to see you there! All the best wishes!"

"Okay, this site should be heard by all men and women who, in any way, are having difficulties in their marriage. The love that is shared between you two is so beautiful~like two little birds~ Love yourself...both inside & out!"

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"Your blog is so pinky, cuty, girly, and stylish.. Showing your ardor indeed? Nice..."

"Its a nice personal blog but there is too many things on the side bar compared to the blog post. "

"Excellent Blog! Good on the eyes, Very informative, interesting, well written. Kudos to the author!!!"

"Nice sie. Easy to use and is quick. good looking and well organized and the photo's are clear."

"Attractive, well designed blog with interesting intelligent content"

"The Ruth's poem is really nice and i have shown to my friend who loves poetry and surely visit again."

"A cute blog that I would actually return to. Some great photos in the photohunt. The site was a little slow to load but other than that there were no other issues."

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"Wow, girly site as girly can be! Nice, although a bit too loud for my eyes! Keep up the energy.. nice hideaway you got there, lady!"

"No problems to load. Earthy colours when entering. Your site has that homely personal touch about it, especially through the chat box on the left and the way it invites people in. Also the way you write is really inspiring to anyone who drops by, as your warmth is felt through the letters. I wish you the very best with you and your life. Regards"

"Nice site that is laid out nicely. Easy to get around and fast loading."

"A very well presented and writen blog site, good use of colour and pictures, very interesting shared experiences."

"Really great looking website. Is that you? Nice layout. Interesting!"

"Good luck with your website."

Frank J.
"great blog.plaese add more content so that your blog is interesting"

"I gave it 10 because you have a very creative site layout and design. It may not be dial-up friendly, but the contents are useful. I like the recent post about the contest. It's easy to navigate as well. Keep it up. Hope you will visit my site too and I would love to hear any feedback."

":) keep up..very good site..nice to view it.."

"Ok, first of all you have to lay off the ads. If you are making a ton of money with these great but, I really have no idea what your content is about. The site completely froze up and I was kicked off. Work on more rich content about informative topics. "

"Impressive blog. Honestly, I like it. The site is good looking plus the articles are nicely written. Hehe. Keep it up sis!"

Allahn Joyce
"Response time is way too slow. You have way too much on there."

"Nice blog you have .. keep it up ...will come again visit in the blog"

"Really good content but loading speed was bit slow.."

"I bookmarked it..."

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