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A Home Away From Home

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Hotels are the so-called second home for travelers and well, traveler wannabes like me. Even when it is just a trip for a day or two, a hotel is the only place we can run to when we need to relax and to sleep while in a country or place far from home. That’s why it is called a home-away-from home and since it is called as such, we want it to be as clean and as comfortable as possible.

Each traveler has their own preferences for a hotel. Some want the economy rates or the cheapest room available in small pension houses and inns. Thinking the room is to be used for only more or less 12 hours, getting a room in a small inn is a smart idea. Otherwise, some opt for the above average hotels to take advantage of the facilities. Hotels that feature Wi-Fi or access to the Internet is very “in” nowadays. To businessmen or the well-to-dos, they undoubtedly have the most lavish and luxurious hotel as the first option. They want the place, though temporary, to cater them with everything they need – safety, comfort and availability of all their needed services.

Above all these, a hotel, it may be a small or a huge business, should be spic and span and orderly at all times. They shouldn’t be out of hotel supplies too for it would be a shame when they run out of a bath soap or when the costumer has to wait for hours because they are ordering the needed supply yet. Luckily, there is a site that offers Hotel Supply Online. How amazing these things are now shopped in the most convenient way. Atlanta Hotel Supply has everything a hotel needs. It does not just sell the needed hotel amenities and janitorial supplies but also Hotel Bar Supplies and a wide range of furniture to fill up a hotel space. For hotel owners, you must give the site a visit.

A Fool On April Fool's Day

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This is another lesson for not reading a full article. I got up a while ago, logged into my computer to check my mails in Yahoo when this headline hugely caught my attention. I turned to my Facebook tab right away half-awake and asked about how true it was on my status. That sudden action made me into one of the fools on April Fool's Day.

Why on earth will this popular video website shutting down? Although I had issues with it the past year, I would be sad saying bye bye to it. It's been of my sources of entertainment. I did find the headline unbelievable but one side of   my mind believed it. It could happen. And me being lazy reading a full article made me into a fool. I wanted a fast answer to turn into FB status and it turned out i forgot today is April Fool's Day. If you want to read the full article about YouTube's shutdown, click here.

Dating Happens Online

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When you are thinking getting a date online is impossible, think twice. I found a date, a boyfriend and a husband online. Online dating has pros and cons but what's nice about it is the thrill getting to know or talking to someone that's miles away from you. What's more thrilling is meeting that person personally as in handshaking each other skin to skin. When I met my husband (then boyfriend) for the first time from months of talking just online, there was a feeling of justice. I found my man! If you want that kind of thrill too or if you want to challenge yourself, come visit Who knows it's where you'll fine your other half?  Come socialize with hundreds and thousands of beautiful people online and find that special one of yours.

Keeping My Fats on the Right Places

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Because I am a deserted wife, people here expected me to be thin and frail and ugly. Well, okay, over the years being an online worker I get a few wrinkles and eyebags, which make me a bit ugly but I am far from being thin and frail. I expected to lose so much weight too but I think I only lose enough not to be called a frail twig. Whoah, I am strong not to fall deeply to depression. Yeah, I've lose some weight but I still have the curves in their respective places. I don't wonder. I think pork roast helps me in keep the fats in those right places. Help, really? Lol!

As early as now, my craving for pork roast is uncontrollable. Knowing we will have another one soon for my younger sister's birthday (Cheem) this May, I am drooling over the crispy skin already. Who can ever resist this? I can eat this dish like a pig.

Honeywell Air Cleaners

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Our home is the so-called safest place we have on earth. It is the best place we can ever be. Wherever we go, we always end up wanting to come home. There is always this desire to come home in our hearts when we’re far, most especially to those are working abroad and has to be there for years. As what we always utter, “there is no place like home” with a tone of either relief or longing. Whether it is big or small, a home is the place where we can find, when kept well-cleaned and organized, a sure security, privacy and comfort.

Generally a home is the safest place to house our family but unfortunately, with the all the advancements going on in the world nowadays, like factories are here and there, our home and family might be at risk. One that is unnoticeable is air pollution. We do not see it but possibly, it is present at home. We can't be so sure our home is free from it and one way to counter that is to have or install air cleaners.

Speaking of air cleaners, Honeywell is a recognized named when it comes to air quality products. Their Honeywell F100 air cleaners are known to be the best air cleaners in the market in terms of efficiency and affordability. It is said to be 14 times more effective than that of a typical furnace filter. If it is the most basic and the most cost-effective air filtration you are after, F100 air cleaners from Honeywell is a smart choice. With this air clearer you don’t only guarantee the safety of your whole family when it comes to air pollution or even just from an annoying smell of dirty air inside your house but also, you guarantee the safety of your budget by getting the best deal out of such product.

I Want A Child!

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The desire to have a child of my own suddenly hit me today big time. Maybe it was due to my worry over my sick little cousin (2nd degree) who's in the hospital right now. The little cousin's okay now thank God! Looking at the mother who is also expecting another child this month made me a little envious. I want a child too. I want to experience the nine months of carrying a life in my womb too, even though they say there'll be times of difficulties during those months. And of course, I want to experience a normal delivery and hear my baby's first cry. It sure will a very rewarding moment for me and I hope so much to experience it.

Aquatic and Exotic Pets

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I have been a very irresponsible blogger for neglecting this blog for a massive multiplayer online role-playing game. My bad! For like a month, I turned my back on all my blogs and went playing the warrior game. Not only that my online productivity is affected, also my offline responsibilities that are mainly managing the daily household chores and taking care of my pets. I didn't give much time to bond with my beautiful pet dogs lately.
Having mentioned pet, I came across D&G Pets, a site that introduces me all kinds of exotic animals that are keep-able as pets. Ugh! I am not sure I can dare to pet all of them but some of the exotic animals mentioned in there were Bearded Dragon, Turtle, Snake, Geckos and etc. Can you dare pet any of these mentioned? Turtles sure are good animals to bring at home to pet but the rest seem debatable for me. If you are one who likes taking these exotic animals as pets, you can learn more about them and on how to take care of them at the said website.

Anyway, D&G Pets website does not just teach you what other exotic animals are there that are good to keep as pets and how to take care of them, it also sells Tropical Fish and other saltwater creatures and offers aquarium services. D&G as what I knew of specializes in fish pets and aquarium services for homes and offices. Having an aquarium at home adds tranquility. One dream of mine is to have a couple of gold fishes swimming in a little aquarium in my home. And now that I heard of D&G and its quality services, I thought of giving in to that dream.

If you like adding beautiful aquatic creatures in your home to add more tranquility, aside beauty, then come and visit D&G Pets. If you already have an aquarium at home then check on their selection of live Coral Frags that are just affordable. Coral Frags can surely add more life and beauty to your aquarium.