Keeping My Fats on the Right Places

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Because I am a deserted wife, people here expected me to be thin and frail and ugly. Well, okay, over the years being an online worker I get a few wrinkles and eyebags, which make me a bit ugly but I am far from being thin and frail. I expected to lose so much weight too but I think I only lose enough not to be called a frail twig. Whoah, I am strong not to fall deeply to depression. Yeah, I've lose some weight but I still have the curves in their respective places. I don't wonder. I think pork roast helps me in keep the fats in those right places. Help, really? Lol!

As early as now, my craving for pork roast is uncontrollable. Knowing we will have another one soon for my younger sister's birthday (Cheem) this May, I am drooling over the crispy skin already. Who can ever resist this? I can eat this dish like a pig.