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No More Pink Eye

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Pink is a pretty color but it isn't when you have it in your eyes. Finally and totally, I am free from Pink Eye now. I am jumping for joy! It's been two weeks. Suffering from it for two weeks is not funny. I just hope I haven't passed it to my dad and sister or I'll be sorry for them. I had Pink Eye before twice and the recent was the third time. I don't believe with what many had said we can only get Pink Eye once. Bacteria is bacteria and it spreads fast to anyone anytime you are exposed to it. So bye bye Pink Eye!

No-Contract Cellphone Service

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Recession is still felt anywhere in the world. This means anyone still makes effort to cut some digits off any of their bills. Anyone feels like being deprived from unlimitedly using the much needed services nowadays. One of the services we need in our daily life I would say is a cellphone service. It is as important as electricity and water because it is used as means of communication. It bridges you and your loved-ones near and far and is very useful during emergency.

With the crisis we have been facing, phone service rates also went higher except Straight Talk. Do you know that you can now save on phone bills? You can make the most out of Straight Talk with your Andriod phone. You can Feel Richer with Android by availing Straight Talk affordable plans because you can save as much as half on your cellphone bills. Unlike other cellphone services, Straight Talk has no contract settlement, no surprise bills, and no credit checks. There is as well no fees on activation, reactivation and termination.

The getting richer effect has expanded... by LittleBard95

Its unlimited monthly service is $45. It allows you to call, send text message, and browse the web unlimited. You can call a friend with straight talk international service at low rates with its flexible prepaid calling service.  Calling 411 even cost you no extra charge  while subscribed in the service. Now if you prefer for a long term of use, you can get a year plan and conquer the The power of Android with Straight Talk's  "All You Need Plan" if you are a heavy cellphone user. Straight Talk phone service is available with Straight Talk’s trusted phone brands such as LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Kyocera.
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SS: The Questions Galore Meme Part 3

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

41. What is a quote that you love? There's a lot but I would like to share this one: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but just felt in the heart" by Helen Keller

42. Do you think of pure hate as something humanity created? don't think so
43. When was the last time you wanted to scream? this noon, after reading my husband's email (finally heard from him)
44. Do you ever at times see the world in black and white? yes
45. Have you ever thought that cell phones are too obtrusive? yes, especially the newest series 
46. In your life, where do you think the rainbow will end? at my
47. What is something that you never want to do again? to deal with unpleasant people
48.When was the first time you realized the world was small? when I met Mr. Gary Wilks Jr.
49. How you spend your time contemplating life’s mysteries? i have
50. Ever discuss your political beliefs with people? yes
51. Do you care about the environment? yes
52. What’s your motto for life? Ability is like tax deduction, we use it or we lose it.
53. Is progress destroying the beauty of the world? the Natural beauty, yes. Nowadays, we are almost covered with fictional beauty but what can we do? We all hope for progress.
54. Do you believe there is life somewhere else in the universe? To see is to believe...that's another motto haha
55. Would you like to rule a country? No. I can't even rule my life. 
56. Do you believe everything has a purpose? Yes. Reason why I wasn't able to go to Zambo. is for me to read my husband's Ymail message. 
57. Is war ever for the best? not all the time
58. Could you kill anyone in defense of self or loved ones? Yes!
59. How do you react to people (Such as Governor Rick Perry) who don't believe global warming is really our fault? They're from other planet I think. 
60. Does love conquer all? True love, yes
61. Is euthanasia morally acceptable? my lips are zipped in this matter
62. Is world peace impossible? Yes, chaos were already present even before when only Adam's family was occupying the world, how much more nowadays?
63. Is pride a good or a bad thing?  sometimes it is...sometimes
64.What do you think is the purpose of your life? To live. 
65. Do you believe in karma? Yes.

Accomplishments Despite Pink Eyes

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My eyes have gotten worse but still, I was able to finish the works that needed my attention promptly. I am quite surprise myself. It's funny though that when I have complications, works come rushing. Since work is what I am here for, I definitely won't say no when it knocks as long as I can do and as much as I can handle. It's almost a week of my suffering from Pink Eye but this whole week, I surprisingly was able to do my job.

I am happy with my accomplishments this week. I was able to finish writing the much needed articles. Then just three days ago, I finished the layout my blogger friend Geraldine asked for. I even installed the layout to her blog right away. Then yesterday I started working on another blogger layout for Sheng. Hopefully, I will be able to finish it by Sunday. I will soon share the screen shots of the layouts to my Scrap Blog.

While working on Sheng's layout yesterday, I at the same time was working on a video, more like a slideshow of random photos of me and friends taken at our night-out party with the accompaniment of our current favorite beat Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag. Today, I finished creating a video of Cheep's pictures with the accompaniment of her boyfriend's favorite song, Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat sa Akin. The video was requested by my little sister's boyfriend. Sweet! So I created it despite me having sore eyes. I will share the videos later in my other blog - Fun and Entertainment.

Get a Maid To Please House Cleaning Service

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There are times when a woman of the house can’t handle the household chores. If not because it’s an exhausting task, it is a tedious task where they’ll go weary doing the same work over and over again. At some point they are so enthusiastic in doing chores, running errands but sooner or later, just by looking at all the mess either exhausts or bores them. Being a housewife for three years, I do understand the whines of other housewives especially those who are working in and outside their home. They need to be pleased when they don't feel like doing the daily tasks. Lending them some hands to help out with their daily tasks is a great idea so they can relax at least for a day. Why not please them for once by getting a maid to please service? House cleaning service Reston VA offers maid to please service, a house cleaning service that helps the wives out there with all the chores in the house. You might need the service now so come check it out!

Joining BC Blogger's Secret

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I've joined BC Blogger's Secret 2,3 and 4. Through it, I've gain a number of reciprocal links. That's how easy it is to ask for links exchange in BC Blogger's Secret. Finally, after quite a long wait, BC Blogger's Secret is back to help blogs to get connect with each other the easiest way. Come and join now!

I Have Sore Eyes

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What a bad luck! Previously, I talked about my excitement to pick my EON card in Zamboanga City branch of Union Bank but my excitement shattered by sore eyes. The planned date to go to Zamboanga is today but now that I am having sore eyes, staying home is the best option. Traveling with sore eyes would just worsen the infection and I don't want it to happen.

The sore eyes/red eyes started on the 16th, Sunday after I got infected by my younger sister Cheem. I woke up with a heavy and sore eyelids and when I looked at the mirror, there I saw both eyes were red. The right eye though is badly infected. I believed it causes the little swollen lymph nodes that appeared at the side of the opening of my ear. I've been applying red eye drops called Eye Mo on both eyes since Sunday hoping to lessen the infection. So far it had helped a bit. I hope it will be totally healed by the 20th so I can push through my trip to Zamboanga City and so that I would not pass the infection to my friends who's accompanying me there. Of course, I badly want to pick my EON card already. I've been anticipating to own it since 2009.

The Questions Galore Meme, Part 1 and 2

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1. Is there someone in your life you know you’d be better off without? Yes
2. Do you get criticized because of your body? Yes, i am short
3. Did you kiss the last person you called? No
4. When was the last time you danced? Early this morning with friends in a bar
5. Do you keep in mind other people’s feelings? Yes, when I am not drunk and mad. Lol!
6. If you have a hang nail, do you pull it or clip it? Pull it
7. Who do you want to forget? i rather not say
8. Who was the last person to send you a letter? blogger friends
9. Who did you last tell to shut up? friends
10. What’s the last thing that you smelt that smelt bad? my poo
11. What’s your favorite cereal? any Kellog's
12. How do you feel when people lead you on, but they don’t even like you? I would feel embarrassed but what can I do...gotta back out 
13. Could you live without sunlight? No.
14. What’s something you know is bad, but you want to do it anyway? smoke
15. What was the last thing you lied about? I am okay
16. Do you regret anything you’ve done in the past week? No
17. What was the last movie you bought? In The Name of Love
18. What is a sport you would like to do? Tennis
19. When was the last time you felt like crying? last night
20. Have you ever wanted to kill someone (not that you actually do it)? yes
21. What was the last song you listened to that wasn’t sung in English? That Man (Korean)
22. One of our SS players generally leaves a critical comment on our memes. Which is fine. All's fair. Do you let meme authors know when you hate their memes? not directly but through my answers
23. What TV show would you like to be on? The Biggest Loser
24. What was the last video game you played? Baldur's Gate
25. Have you ever been in a musical? If yes, do tell. No
26. Do you follow your own style or everyone else’s? own style
27. What’s the last store you bought from? Chooks To Go - I bought a whole roasted chicken
28. In retrospect, have you ever let a person use you a lot? hell no!
29. What are you doing two days from now? hopefully, will travel to Zambo. City
30. Did you ever believe there were monsters in your closet? I did
31. When you graduated high school, did you let random people sign your yearbook or just close friends? I didn't have a year book
32. Would you consider adopting a child that had a mental illness? no
33. Does thinking about death scare you? Yes
34. If you died, do you believe that you go to Heaven or Hell and where would your spirit go? I believe i will join the soil
35. Who did you last write a snail mail letter to and why? It was hubby 3 years ago. I sent him a birthday card. 
36. Do you care what people say or think about you? When thinking about what other people say and think is the only thing I can do. Do you know those times when you're bored?
37. Have you ever been threatened?  Yes
38. Which side of your family do you get most of your qualities from? father side
39. What was the last thing with alcohol that you drank? Boracay in Fuse Box last night
40. Have you ever kept a relationship a secret? No. What's the use of being in a relationship when you can't let other people know?

Party Until Morning With Batch Mates

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I've been out and about these past weeks just partying every night until morning with friends. It isn't bad to enjoy life and kick depression away, right? It's nice to party without spending too much dime plus being with the good looking party people - boys and girls in the city. You can't blame me. You'll just have to shower a couple of hundred pesos and then you're good to enjoy the night drinking Tanduay Ice and Boracay shaker, dancing and getting silly with rock music and mingling with new friends.

I would like to share the night outs I went to with my ever-missed batch mates last month. It's quite been a long time since I last hanged out with them so I was so thankful they visited me recently.

That's Pabz in black behind me. He was my classmate in college and is my night out partner. Wonder why the night-out partner is a guy? I'm safe with him for he'll never ever fall for me. He's in a same sex relationship. (Reason why I'm explaining is because in case my husband checks and reads this blog post just so he'll know I am not doing anything bad while he's gone). I am just having a clean fun!

At Fat Cat (FC)

This was the latest night-night I went to with batch mates. Above are few of my favorite pictures taken that night, Oct.25 in Fat Cat. Fat Cat is a disco bar that opens only on Fridays and Saturdays,the busiest bar during weekends. We started partying out around 9 in the evening and finished around 3:00 a.m. It was my first night-out with them in a club in Dipolog City and I really had a blast. I am looking forward for the next time.  

At Fuse Box (FB) Private Room

At Balai Resto Bar (BRB)

At Sights and Sounds (SNS) Videoke Room

These photos above were taken on Oct. 15, 2011. That night was a plain girls night-out but we were accompanied by my friend's  (in black) boyfriend. We went bar hopping; from Fuse Box - my favorite disco bar to hang out that opens from Monday to Saturday, Balai Resto Bar - hut style bar opens daily to Sights and Sounds - we paid Php250.00 for an hour use of their Videoke Room. I let my friends tried SnS's style of bl0wj0b drink. I had a blast big time that night with these cool girl friends.

Zero Page Rank on All Blogger Blogs

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I am confused now with all my blogs' page ranks. If you look at all my blog page ranks hosted in blogger, each says its PR was not affected by the recent PR update by Google but when I visited inpostlinks dot com earlier to check whether I have open opportunities or not, all my blogs there were ranked zero. Well, this is not my first experience with mistaken ranks on blogs or ungraded blogs in inpostlinks. It happened to me twice already last year leaving me not making money during the entire time. I wonder if this happened to other bloggers too. I wonder on how long my blogs stay ungraded in inpostlinks.

Monday Mayhem: How To Do It?

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Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. Tell us how to make the perfect bowl of popcorn.

First, you have to have some corn to pop. I prefer microwave popping corn for it's very easy to prepare. So now you have a package of microwave popping corn, the next thing you'll do is to perfectly follow the instructions seen at the back of package.

2. The light just turned yellow and you're 10 feet away. How do you proceed?

It's not bad to run the light sometimes when that close. 

3. How do you deal with poor food quality at a restaurant?

I just eat it, pay, leave a bill tip and leave. There is no poor quality food when I am hungry. It sure is better than my cooking anyway. 

4. Tell us how you deal with an odd co-worker.

Luckily, I don't have one for I am the one. Lol!  

5. How do you dump someone (friend or more than friend)?

I start by avoiding the person and if he's smart enough, he should get the meaning. 

Sunday Stealing: The Lucky 33 Meme

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Cheers to all of us thieves!

1. Can you cook? Yes. Cooking rice is cooking.

2. What was your dream growing up? To be a teacher.

3. What talent do you wish you had? Painting and to stand in front the crowd and talk. What do you call that?

4. Favorite place? My place.

5. Favorite vegetable? Baguio beans and cabbage. 

6. What was the last book you read? The Dark Elf Trilogy

7. What zodiac sign are you? Capricorn

8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? A butterfly tattoo on my leg and piercing on both ears...used to have tongue piercing. 

9. Worst Habit? Smoking

10. Do you personally know anybody on Blog? Yes. There are two that I encouraged to blog and they did.

11. What is your favorite sport? Gymnastic.Recently hooked to watching hockey. 

12. Negative or Optimistic attitude? I have both.

13. What would you do if you were stuck in an lift with someone of the opposite sex? Call for help or wait for the lift to open.

14. Worst thing to ever happen to you? Having a husband who has amnesia (come on now, that's an idiom!). 

15. Tell me one weird fact about you: I easily get tired of a thing and a situation. 

16. Do you have any pets? I have one, a dog. 

17. Do you know how to do the macarena? Haha! Yes since grade school. 

18. Is the sun shining where you are now? No. It's a "good evening" here now.

19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? Scary when I was little, now they are cute. 

20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? My HEIGHT!

21. Would you be my good angel or bad angel? Neither. 

22. What color eyes do you have? Black.

23. Ever been married? Yehhh! As if I can boast it. 

24. Bottle or Draft? Bottle....preferably.

25. If you won £10,000 today, what would you do with it? Spend it and have fun. Life is short they said.

26. What kind of bubble gum do you prefer to chew? ICool!

27. What's your favorite bar to hang at? Disco bar....Fuse Box! Not only that I want to hang out, I want to own it. Lol!

28. Do you believe in ghosts? I think because I am scared of them. 

29. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Eat

30. Do you swear a lot? No, only if I need to.

31. Biggest pet peeve? Those who obviously befriend a person because they need milk. 

32. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Unique

33. In two words, how would you describe yourself? Good & Bad

EON Visa Debit Card Online Application, Fast and Easy

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I applied for an EON Visa Debit Card last night through online application. Wow! I didn’t think it was that fast and easy. I’ve been trying to get an EON card since the 2009 for a main reason - to use for Paypal verification. I tried applying online but unfortunately online application was then unavailable. So I tried applying to one of the closest Union Bank branch (I chose Tagbilaran branch) in person of the same year but again I was unfortunate. They didn’t take my school ID. They were looking for a TIN Card along with my Postal ID. Also, I heard Union Bank discontinued the issuance of EON Visa Debit Card at that time for some reason.

When I learned that online application for EON card is available, I took the opportunity without second thought. Good thing I passed by a blog of a friend the other day and read her post about her successful online application for EON Card. It’s then I knew that online application for EON card is back. It was just like a snap of fingers. Few minutes after, I received SMS confirmation that my application is successful together with the reference number that I need in order to pick up my card. I am excited! Now I am waiting for a confirmation that my card is ready for pick up. This time, I chose Zamboanga, Jaldon branch because aside from being the closest, I’ve never been there.

If you want to have EON Visa Debit Card you can now apply online. Click here to visit the EON online application page.