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Fire Calamity in Dipolog City

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I went to school this morning and was shock to hear a news about a fire happened in the central city of Dipolog City where we reside. The building, which is a Gasul or Profane distributor was where the fire started right next to ZANECO office or Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative office. That's why we had no power this morning and i got up sweating my butt off. The bad thing is we don't know about it, we have no idea what was happening outside our home. My classmates said that the reason of the fire was the explosion of petron tank. Others spread rumors that the MILF dropped a bomb down at the certain place, oh no God forbid!

So after class i passed by at the area and took my chance to take some photos. I feel so sorry for the owner of the establishment as well as the other people whose houses and businesses affected by the fire.