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Football Tickets

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Are you wondering where you can buy the tickets to your dream football games? Well, wonder no more and look no farther for you can simply find them online. Just head on to and there you can purchase michigan wolverines football tickets, minnesota gophers football tickets and northwestern wildcats football tickets. Aren't these the games to die for? If you are a true fan of football, you might as well buy all three tickets for your satisfaction.

Blogger's Little Office

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This is the little area in my apartment that I call my little office. I did a major arrangement in the apartment. The entertainment cabinet that was in place with where my computer is at now was moved adjacent to that corner and now serves as the divider between our little kitchen and living room. I did it all alone, the moving.  

I purposefully place the computer next to the couch so I can easily lay down when I need to. I keep myself from lying down in that couch though for the next thing I know it is already 9 or 10 in the morning.
These are the things you can usually see on my computer desk; a cup of coffee, crackers, C2 or other bottled juice, ash tray, lighter and smoke. And oh, I always have that blue notebook for recording purposes. It actually holds a lot of my online records now - the log-in records to my online accounts.

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Do They Still Care?

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My mother visited us in the apartment today. She happened to have a meeting at a cooperative bank wherein she is a loan center chief. She as well worked on my father's insurance policies in the said bank why she was there  I was glad that she thought of stopping by at the apartment before going home because she didn't do it the last time. I am always delighted by the sight of my mother. Even though she doesn't have an intimate relationship with my father anymore and has replaced him, I still have that high respect for her because she has been a good mother to us her children.

Although my parents are not talking as husband and wife anymore, I am just glad they keep being civil when a situation asks for them to be around each other. As much as possible though, as per my observation, they avoid each other. Just like in today's visit, father stayed upstairs the whole time mama was here. I didn't know if he avoided her on purpose or he was just tired to stay in his room for two to three hours. I don't know how they feel towards each other now. Do still care for each other at least? Base on my marriage situation right now, it seems like i am taking their lead.

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Practical Home Décor

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Keeping house, raising a family and holding a job is a lot of work and the reality is that probably more than a few things are slipping through the cracks. It’s hard to worry about maintaining and replacing things when you are busy from dawn to dusk; it can be difficult to even get to the store before it closes. Maybe you need new baby or kids bedding but there just isn’t time to shop – fortunately there is an easier way and you can tackle routine errands any time of the day or night.

The savviest shoppers know that going to retail stores to buy things like shower curtains and rods eats up a lot of time plus it means packing the kids in the car, fighting traffic and hoping to get a decent parking space – a lot of aggravation for the privilege of spending your hard-earned money. It’s so much easier when you shop online from the comfort and safety of home, especially if you live in a remote or under-stored area. Think about the stores where you normally buy you bath, bed and décor items and take a look online at their websites. They are open any time of the day or night, seven days a week so you no longer need to make your schedule conform to conventional retail store hours.

When you shop online you can actually enjoy a much greater selection than what you see at the local store because the goods are shipped from a central warehouse which can stock many more items than might be feasible in an individual store. If you have never bought anything online before it’s a good idea to stick with the big name stores you already know and trust because they will be more likely to stand behind the goods they sell should there be any kind of a problem.

The Unfaithfulness of a Friend

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How many of you have experienced the unfaithfulness of a friend(s). How many of you have been unfaithful to the ones you called friends? I may have a lot of friends but only a few are the real, faithful ones. Just recently, I have faced a friend's unfaithfulness at his extent. Please though excuse me if I am not going to disclose a name as I still have a bit of respect left for him. But to your clue, I've talked about him in this blog for the last few months. I couldn't believe I cherished him that much to even post his face here.

Having him as a friend since college days was a real blessing until he messed our friendship up a few days ago. I trusted him enough to introduce him to my family and accepting him as part of our lives. I trusted him with all my secrets. I accepted him as a brother to feed him, to take him to family outings, to allow him to use my computer and other things he pleased and letting him stay in my apartment whenever he needs a place to stay. I and my family have nothing against him then because in exchange, he helped us in the house; he ran errands like paying bills, helped with the chores, picked and took my sisters in school and helped us out when we run out of monthly budget. He as well helped us when we moved to this apartment we are now living. He was a nice friend, that's what we thought until recently when I learned he was only using us, lying to us and milking from us.

The root of his unfaithfulness is none other than money. It's just recently when I fully realized that in every peso he gave to help us out he got a thousand in exchange. It was my sister who noticed at first. They had issues regarding the selling of my sister's two unused cellphones. I do not know the whole story but it was clearly told by my sister that she asked the 'friend' to sell her two extra phones since she was not using them and she was also in need of money at that time. The phones were sold but the 'friend' didn't give the money to my sister. The 'friend' also seldom visited us at the apartment since then. My sister believed he run away with the money.

Before it happened though, I already had some few unpleasant thoughts about the 'friend' because he kept borrowing money for fares, for his laundry and for other things. Since we move in the apartment, eveytime he helped out, we borrowed money little value at a time. It was okay for those were just 20, 50, and 100 pesos but he kept borrowing and not paying every single money he borrowed. Since I am the type who feel shy in asking repayments, I kept my peace on that and just waited on when he can pay back. He never paid back. Still, we continued treating him as a friend. My sisters gave him another chance on their phones-selling issues.

We hoped to turn everything back to normal for aside from the money issues, we have nothing against him. He may have thought he used us on some things but for us, those little things we did for him were help since he is as well was useful to us. Giving him another chance though turned out to be the stupidest move we did for we gave him a chance to use us and milk from us to the extent. Money had blinded him that he chose it in exchange to our great friendship. We exchanged heated conversation few days ago wherein he counted everything he did to help us. Such a shameless mammal he is! The money he milked from us may not be a lot but it was enough to buy a few sacks of rice. He's a one great liar and a one great milking asshole.

3 Niche Sites to Save You Money on Cool Services

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Business or otherwise, getting the most out of one’s hard-earned money is something a lot of people aspire to do on a daily basis. With prices of commodities going up and the purchasing power of just about any monetary currency shrinking, knowing which products and services provide the best value becomes a survival skill in these financially volatile times. And speaking of such services, here are three money-saving niche sites to check out:


Statistics show that a normal person browsing the Internet on a regular basis forgets about nine out of ten new websites he visits. This just shows that a unique, appropriate and catchy domain that net surfers don't have trouble remembering is a must-have for website owners. The problem with domains nowadays, most of the good ones have already been registered. And the moment you start running out of ideas, a branding agency is a good option. But if you don't have a lot of cash to spend, there's crowdsourcing to turn to. is an online naming service that uses the power of the Internet crowd to come up with names, slogans and domains that are relevant, catchy, easy-to-pronounce and unique. Established in 2007, now has a strong pool of 50,000+ contributors from different regions of the world. To immediately start receiving naming recommendations from this creative group of individuals, become a PickyDomains client by registering with the site, deposit $50 if you're looking for a domain or name (or $75 for a slogan) and set your naming guidelines. In case none of the hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions you receive matches your set criteria, you get a refund, making the service absolutely risk-free.


When people talk about intranets and CRMs for business collaboration and efficiency, piles and piles of dollars moving out of companies' pockets come to their minds. Well, who can blame them? Most of these applications nowadays can be really pricey. is a corporate communications and collaboration application that's 100% free for small companies with a maximum of 12 employees. JetRadar combines several disparate work solutions - CRM for sales and transactions, file and document upload and sharing, real-time streaming, calendar and activity planner, social intranet, workforce monitoring - in a single platform. Also, Bitrix24 is cloud-based. Without installing anything, it can be accessed anywhere you are, whether through the use of a web browser or a smartphone. For bigger companies, an upgrade to unlimited users is pegged at a monthly subscription of $99.


If you're constantly on the go, you probably would agree that the best way to move around is still air travel. With the emergence of online ticket brokers and low-cost airlines, air travel has become significantly cheaper. But with this piece of good news comes some sort of a bad news for the perennial deal hunter. Customers wanting to get their hands on the best and cheapest airfare offers would have to skim through multiple flight and airline sites to search and compare until he/she finally finds the best possible. is a metasearch engine that systematically goes through 700+ airline sites and hundreds of ticketing and flight sites to search for the best and cheapest promotional offers, and makes the data readily available in a single web address. This reduces, if not eliminates, the time and energy needed to come up with the most economically attractive airfare ticket.