#7/366 Blog Photo Challenge - Christmas Gifts

posted by Rechie on ,


These are the Christmas gifts that my sister and I helped getting and wrapping for our parents, brother and the kids in the house after celebrating my little birthday party at my apartment in Dipolog City. We brought these gifts on the afternoon of the 25th since we didn't able to come home on the Christmas Eve. So the opening of gifts happened on the night of December 25, still Christmas. I enjoyed looking at the recipients excited faces as they opened their gifts. I wrapped Unisilver watches for father, brother and sisters and a Secosana bag for my mother. It was nice looking at their happy faces to have at least received a gift on Christmas. I was able to open gifts that night too. I received a Bobson top from Cheep and a pair of Unisilver butterfly earrings from Cheem. We didn't wrap gifts this year for all my godchildren for I did not have the money for it. It was sad but the current financial situation couldn't be helped. We didn't even have a Christmas preparation, which was alright. At least we all were able to be together on Christmas day.

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