Tidal Wave in a Dream

posted by Rechie on ,


I slept at ten in the evening last night to my surprise. Even when Cheep asked me to get back on the computer  after she finished with her research, I stayed laid on the sofa. I did want to stay up to continue my online work but my eyes were pulling me to sleep and the last thing I knew, I woke up with a scary dream around three in the morning.

A  tidal wave appeared before us in my dream. We were in our house. My parents were there with me as well as my siblings and grandmother, who was able to climb at the second floor of the house before the tidal wave splashed down. I was the first one who saw the tidal wave at the back window coming to our way so I warned my family about it. We were so scared. I can still feel how scared I was. We couldn't do anything. All we could do then was scream and set ourselves ready for that ill-fated death.  But for some reason, the tidal wave didn't hit us for in an instant we were shielded inside an ark. Later on, we were on top of the ark and were floating on the water. That was weird.   

Bothered by that dream, I searched for its interpretation online. Here's how Dream Moods interprets it:
To see a tidal wave in your dream represents an overwhelming emotional issue that demands your attention. You may have been keeping your feelings and negative emotions bottled up inside for too long.  On a positive note, the tidal wave symbolizes the clearing away of old habits. If you are carried away by the tidal wave, then it means that you are ready to make a brand new start in a new place. To dream that you can create a tidal wave with your mind is analogous to your ability to control your emotions and keep them in line.
We've already had a lot of overwhelming emotional issues and now with this threat of a tidal wave of emotional issue, we are but ready.