It's my 22nd Birthday

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I would like to announce that today is my 22nd birthday. Thank God for giving me this day. I guess this time I can finally say that I am back. I would like to thank all those who have wished me well and all the best for this day. I am very much ok now. The cyst popped on it's own at two in the morning today. Just right time for my birthday, i was advised to just have the operation after the holidays so i can have fun with my family. I still need more rest though, it is not advisable to take advantage of it this time.

Since it’s my day today, I got a birthday present from my hubby. He gave it to me yesterday while I was still confined on our bed. Here it is:

It is my most loved scent, Light Blue from Dolce and Gabbana. He really knows me that much now. Hehe. But the best gift i ever have this year is my husband, himself, for being here with me this birthday. He was the one who have taken care of me during those days i was sick. He never failed to make me happy and that alone is the greatest gift that God have given to me. Of course, the poeple who are always there for me, my family. They are the greatest gifts that i will always treasure.


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