Monday Mayhem: Explain It To Me!

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My vacation in blogging I think was long enough. I seriously need to be back and start making a living off it again. Since it's Monday today, Monday Mayhem would be a cool meme to use as a come back post.

Here it goes:

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

I got to explain to Mr. Mayhem why:

1. Late people in a movie theater always make noise and sit in front of me.

... because they are not aware how many people are there inside the theater much more you're sitting behind.

2. Why people choose to walk in the street rather than use the sidewalk.

... because it's nice walking on a spacey way.

3. Why teens in pictures on Facebook always have to hold a red cup to prove they are cool.

... because it's the only way for them to prove they are. 

4. Why there could be nobody in line for the bathroom until you need to go.

... because others, like you, find it awesome to be standing next in line to a good-looking pal. lol!

5. Why some Walmart's have up to 100 check out lanes

... i've no idea. You tell me. 

6. Why they always need re-adjusting or scratching.

... because there are things that are always crooked and itchy

7. Why people go 30mph in the left lane in a 45 zone.

... because they're trying to be cool and end up looking like a fool lying on a hospital bed

8. Why people in congress are getting a raise.

... because they are great in getting a raise, I think. 

9. Why people on bicycles think they can weave through traffic and ignore lights and stop signs.

... because... tsk, just let them be.

10. Why computers like to tell you they need to be restarted only when you are in the middle of doing something important.

... because it's teaching you how to follow your boss' command

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