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Plans for This Blog

posted by Rechie L on


How lonely this blog has been. Imagine, this blog has been silent since November 26. Haist, I've been neglecting this blog again. I became somewhat complacent with the fact that this blog regained its rank and maintained it to date that's why I was laying low on update.  Not a good thing!

How else am I gonna ease this blog's loneliness but start the update? Apart from the issue of my snail-slow Internet speed, I don't feel the interest to update this blog because of the "blogspot" in the URL. I was like, what's the use of updating this blog? Although this has the highest page rank among my blogs, I couldn't earn with this. 

Meaning, I was more focused on updating the self-hosted Wordpress blogs. Mentioning self-hosted, now I planning of transferring this blog to Wordpress's platform and make it self-hosted. I have to get it's own domain of course. And to top it all, I will turn this blog into a personal/pet blog. What do you think? This means, Chuchie's Hideaway will totally be crashed out in the blog land and so as its traffic and rank