The Earth Was Thrilled By the Coming of Hearts Day, They Said

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I may be late to talk about this but earthquake hit in some parts of the Philippines this month, this year. It hit our area too five times but thankfully, it wasn't that disastrous like how it cracked the lands of Negros. For the first time in my 25 years of existence, I've experienced such horrifying work of nature. It was not even as hard as recent quake that hit Japan but it made my heart jumped with fear. It was my first time to experience that hard of an earthquake for five times in a day. Must it be what others have said, the end of the world?

Photo not mine.

It occurred around noon. I was in my apartment, well, obviously as a blogger I was in front my computer while my father was outside drinking coconut wine and sister was upstairs sleeping when the shake happened. It wasn't that hard at first, merely unnoticeable but moments later the earth shaken me off my computer chair. Then I heard people outside screaming, "earthquake! earthquake!" Father hurried inside to call us out. We three then hurried outside the apartment to join our neighbors on the road in panic. It is advised to be outside a building when there's earthquake, preferably on a ground under a clear sky to avoid falling objects. We followed it. God knows how scared I was, we were rather. I was both worried for our safety and so as my mother because she was far form us.

Since it happened nearly Valentine's day, some youngsters here joked around saying the Earth was thrilled for it was almost time to celebrate the hearts day. Tsk, youngsters! They've managed to laugh about it while the people wherein the disastrous quake fell had suffered with horror. The horror was further intensified by the tsunami alarm. My mother that day sent us all a message that we should all gather together and run to a higher ground. If the Earth that day was thrilled for the coming of Valentine's day, it sure was in a bad way. I hope and pray that it will not happen again.