How Did You Spent Christmas?

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Here in the Philippines, Christmas is about celebrating it with the whole family, sharing love, peace and joy to one another. Christmas is when you can see happy faces of the kids doing the carolling to their Godparents' house. It is so delightful to see those smile receiving with just a simple gifts and pennies. The abundance of foods on the table doesn’t count, what weigh more is the presence of your family. What’s important is you are complete celebrating Christmas together right on the Christmas Eve. The joy and happiness of celebrating Christmas with the family cannot be compared. There is this kind of happiness that you can’t feel when you are with your friends. That’s why some who are working in far countries, far from their family would really find way and time to come home to be with the family. That’s how important a family is to the hearts of every Filipinos especially during Christmas.

Well, my Christmas was extra meaningful and colorful because I celebrated it with my whole family and with my beloved husband. We were complete and that made me feel complete. We had more fun and enjoyment, more happiness and more excitement. My husband and I traveled all the day down to Manukan for an hour to spend Christmas with my family. I know my husband enjoyed celebrating Christmas here in the Philippines. I saw the real happiness in his smiles though everything was new to him like going to church at night until the bell rings declaring “IT’S CHRISTMAS”; like celebrating Christmas on the Christmas Eve because in the States he said, they celebrate Christmas on the day of the 25th; like celebrating Christmas with fireworks, because in States they only use firework on the 4th of July. I am glad that I got to let him understand how important Christmas in our hearts because Christmas simply means “family unity” to us.

Here are our Christmas photos that i would
like to share with you:

Christmas can't be complete without gifts under the Christmas tree. So, we filled mom's little Christmas tree for our godchildren, little cousins, nephews and nieces and of course, gifts for the family. We got some fireworks too that made noise on the Christmas Eve.
We had a little roast pig. It was hubby's request. It is now his favorite Filipino food. LOL.
Witness our silliness with these family pictures. You can tell by our smiles how happy we were.


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