The New Year's Blog Award

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I got this very interesting award from Demcy and Madz which talk about New Year’s Resolution. For sure all of us must have resolution for this year. Thanks for this Demz and Madz. I am truly a New Year lover. Well, I only got 3 resolutions here in my list but I can add 2.

My 5 New Year’s Resolution
1. I would like to minimize my smoking habit. Hopefully I can quit but it would be real hard.
2. I guess go to bed early too so I can get up early and go to school early. I’ve been sleeping late lately like 6 in the morning. Yes 6:00 AM. I don’t wonder why I have worse eye problem now.
3. Make new header for My Hideaway blog. I have been working on it..hehehe… and finally did it.
4. Make love more so we can have a baby.
5. Be PATIENT. I don’t have any.

You must be a true lover of the New Year to receive this award. The person to whom you give the award must also be in love with the New Year.
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I am passing this award to my fellow bloggers and friends: Mommyelvz, Rosemarie, Femikey, Shy, Ruthi, Carnation, Beth, Vhing, Richelle, Geraldine, Dylan, Ruth and Chindy.


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