A Movie for the Whole Family

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It is normal to be a movie buff. I admit I am and so as my family. When it comes to family movie we have to choose something that the youngsters can watch or can relate to. Considering that I have two younger sisters I really see to it that I choose right movies for them to watch, which would teach lessons in life as well. In choosing movies for the whole family, there are things that we should consider. One thing is the message in the movie that can be applied to real life’s experiences or something that can motivate one’s self to be a good family member. And of course we should consider the movie rating if it is appropriate for the kids or youngsters to watch.

Family movie night is also the right time for the whole family to have a quality time together. So, since there is a new movie coming out titled All Roads Lead Home the Movie, I’ll make sure we won’t miss it. Of course, during family movie night popcorn is always present. We have a stock of microwave popcorn with various flavors for various family members’ taste.

Talking about this new movie, it is a very good one to watch for the whole family which is inspired by a true story starring Vivien Cardone, as a little girl who have lived a life like most girls until she lost her mother and everything in life for her have changed. Also starring is Peter Cayote, Jason London and Vanessa Branch. Don’t ever miss it! Find out how this little girl learned to let go of the past to stand up for the ones she loved the most.