Done With The Immigration

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We were at the immigration office today and paid hubby's overstay fee and extension fee for few days which is until the 26th of this month. The plan of going there was supposedly yesterday but hubby fell asleep in the middle of watching Threshold show. Well, we are glad that after a couple of years of procrastination, we were able to accomplish the most important thing we needed to do today. We are glad it flown smoothly. Thanks to the very considerate staff at the immigration to consider the 2 years and few months of overstay in the Philippines. When hubby was asked why he didn't leave the country after 16 months, [which, according to the staff is the only limit for foreigners to overstay in the Philippines] he answered because he doesn't want to leave his wife. As expected, hubby's answer amazed the staff and gave me goose bumps. So by 26, this month, hubby will be packing his baggage for a long trip back to his homeland.

For now, we'll be off to Manukan to visit my parents so it means, I can't still blog hop and read your blogs my dear blogging sisters. I hope you'll forgive me for that. I'll make it up to you as soon as everything here is taken care of. And oh, to answer the questions of  my blogging sisters to my past post about hubby leaving the country, I can't go with him in States yet because first, my husband has no house in there. I mean, his mom and sister yes, but he doesn't want to leave me with their care while he is at work. Second, his job is in a war zone and taking me with him there is the last thing on his mind. Honestly, I don't want to be in a war zone either. So still, we can't be together. Bye for now guys. Catch you up later. 


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