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When some women worry about not having sufficient size of lumps on their chest, some women also worry of having too much. Having oversized breasts make you look discomfited especially if you are a small woman. Oversized breasts can as well give you discomfort and can be a problem after you give birth because they’ll possibly be sagging down to your belly due to their heavy weight.

If you are one of those women who are worrying of how to reduce those extra weights on your chest and are brave enough to undergo surgical procedures, consider Miami breast reduction at Miami Center of Plastic Surgery. With the help of Dr. Salloum who is one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, your problem with your very large breasts will be reduced smoothly, including the excess fat on the armpit area turning them into adequate size and are proportionate with your whole body.

After undergoing breast reduction, you might as well try Miami tummy tuck to get rid of those sagging skin on your tummy as effect of pregnancy, surgery or aging. Dr. Salloum can assess you with what procedure is right for you to undertake depending on your qualification. The procedure includes mini-abdominoplasty which reduces scarring. Therefore, there is nothing much to worry on scars and little did you know, your mid-section is back to its firm and toned appearance. With their tummy tuck services, Miami Center for Plastic Surgery guarantees you a quick recovery.