EON Visa Debit Card Online Application, Fast and Easy

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I applied for an EON Visa Debit Card last night through online application. Wow! I didn’t think it was that fast and easy. I’ve been trying to get an EON card since the 2009 for a main reason - to use for Paypal verification. I tried applying online but unfortunately online application was then unavailable. So I tried applying to one of the closest Union Bank branch (I chose Tagbilaran branch) in person of the same year but again I was unfortunate. They didn’t take my school ID. They were looking for a TIN Card along with my Postal ID. Also, I heard Union Bank discontinued the issuance of EON Visa Debit Card at that time for some reason.

When I learned that online application for EON card is available, I took the opportunity without second thought. Good thing I passed by a blog of a friend the other day and read her post about her successful online application for EON Card. It’s then I knew that online application for EON card is back. It was just like a snap of fingers. Few minutes after, I received SMS confirmation that my application is successful together with the reference number that I need in order to pick up my card. I am excited! Now I am waiting for a confirmation that my card is ready for pick up. This time, I chose Zamboanga, Jaldon branch because aside from being the closest, I’ve never been there.

If you want to have EON Visa Debit Card you can now apply online. Click here to visit the EON online application page.

1 comment