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This actually is just a short notice saying that I am done with my 5 days off. Some things that are written here other than my everyday blah are just bonuses. I don’t feel like talking much about my trip because my pictures are not yet ready. Besides, I am dead tired and I should be posting my whereabouts to my WhereAbouts, right?

Ok, back to my blah. My HS friend, Monette and I travelled to Dumaguete City to visit another HS friend there. We stayed and explored Dumaguete City for three days. It was tiring but I liked it when we visited their church there. Church visiting as soon as you arrive to your destination is the best thing I learned from Monette. I do like that idea. It is the best time to thank God for taking us to the place safe and sound. I took few pictures in Dumaguete but I’ll be posting it to my WhereAbouts.

After Dumaguete, we went to Tagbilaran with a purpose (secret). Then stayed and explored the place for 2 days. We stayed at Monette’s family. They are a real great family. They are very religious and fun at the same time. I really enjoyed my stay there. More info about my whereabouts will be posted to my WhereAbouts blog. Good evening to you all!

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