What's So Special With 09-09-09?

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People believe that today September 09, 2009 or 09-09-09 or 09/09/09 is a lucky day. It is even called "The Lucky Day" that only happens once in a lifetime. So, I may say I am lucky enough to be able to reach this so-called lucky day.
There is something special with the combination of these numbers, 09-09-09.
  1. September 09, 2009 is the 252nd day of the year and there are 113 days left before another year. (113 has a number 13 in it and number 13 marks a bad luck to people's mind. Therefore, 09-09-09 is believed to be a good luck day since it separates the bad luck day that everything you do and everything you aim for during that day will have a positive outcome and will be granted. )
  2. Now, if you are going to add 2+5+2 the answer is 9.
  3. Add 09-09-09 and you'll get 27 as the answer.
  4. Now, add 2+7 and the answer is 9 (if you noticed, the numbers run around the circle).
  5. 9 is the last single digits among the dates in every month
  6. 999 is the upside-down numbers of 666 which is claimed to be satan's.
I can say that 09-09-09 brings happiness and luck in my life. I thank God for letting me live up to this day. Here are my the lucky things that happen today.
  1. I am able to get up early today and went to Tagbilaran Port safely.
  2. I am able to get an Ocean Jet ticket to go back home to Dipolog City.
  3. I am able to come home safely (despite of the big waves) and see my beloved husband whom I missed for 5 days.
  4. I am able to see Sen. Noy2x Aquino confirmed his candidacy for President on TV while at the port.
  5. And the best thing, I am able to see my mom welcoming me home. God I am so happy! Thank God!

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