Meeting Helen Rose

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Wednesday night on November 9, I personally met Helen Rose, a Friendster-Facebook-Blogger friend. Helen is originally from Liloy but now living in Cebu for many years. We’ve talked about meeting personally on Facebook and on that Wednesday night, after visiting her family and relatives in Liloy, we’ve finally shaken hands. As per her request, I took my little sisters with me and met her at GV hotel here in Dipolog City where she stayed for a night. We then went to have a sumptuous dinner at CLS Food Plaza. We were sad we didn't able to grab our cameras before heading out for dinner so sorry if I can't share photos of our meeting. There'll be next time.

Helen Rose has been in my friends' list since the time of Friendster’s popularity. We recalled on the night we personally met that we first met in a Friendster group called Fil-For Couple. Then there came Facebook that swiftly overtook Friendster. Our friendship then reached Facebook where we’ve been exchanging hellos that led to a close connection and to a personal meeting. It is recently that I learned she's a blogger. You might want to check her blog - Life is Beauty, Admire it. She hasn't updated her blog since the 2008 but you can read her heart out through her log posts there.

We can say our friendship was bonded with a mutual experience. We were connected for a main reason, we can relate to each other because both of us are in a Filipina-Foreigner relationship, married but sadly facing conflicts in our marriage at the present. Despite all the rough roads and tough times though, both of us managed to live life the best way we can. Meeting Helen and hearing her experiences in marriage have enlightened my thoughts regarding the current issues I am facing with my own. It was so nice meeting her and i do look forward for the next meeting.  


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