Chat Again

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I had a good laugh while talking with my grandmother the other day. It’s funny that an 85 years old woman who believed a woman can only marry once encouraged me to go chat online again to find a new man. She never married again after my grandfather passed away so many years ago. Yet there she was so eager for me to find a new love. I understand her encouraging as she has seen me at that worst days of my life, crying - longing for someone. Her belief might have been affected by the computer age. I live in a modern world anyway where youngsters handle marriage just like a game, she said. So why not go ahead and find a new happiness.

I might check out the sites I spotted lately that was reviewed in the sites and But before that, I might as well read tips regarding online dating again. It's been a long time since I last dated online so reading tips and reviews might be of help in staying on the safe side.


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