Kids' Palm Leaves Accessories

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Making accessories using palm leaves, I am sure some of you have done this when you were kids. I have and these kids have just reminded me how fun it was. It is one of the things that I like about home - the kids. Seeing them simply brightens my day. For some reason these kids are just so close to me. Or maybe I get myself close to them because I have been longing of having my own kids.

Well enough with that, let's meet Basti. Basti is one of my kid neighbors. He came up to me one day boasting his cool eyeglasses and wristwatch that were made with green palm leaves. My childhood memories then became so vivid in my mind upon seeing this sight of him all smiles and proud with his green palm leaf eyeglasses and wristwatch on, which he made himself. Isn't he looking so gwapo (handsome) with those on?

My cousin's daughter Small (that's her nickname) also made herself an eyeglasses and then struck a pose too before my camera. She tried to struck a model-like pose.

It is fun looking at them so busy making these accessories and they were so good in it. It is nice to recall that once in my life, I was as cool and as creative as these kids for I have made and worn these cool accessories too. Lol! So, were you as cool and creative as these kids too? Have you ever made yourself an eyeglasses and wristwatch made of green palm leaves too when you were kids?

Btw, you can only make these things with green palm leaves and not with the withered ones for the latter is curled in and easily breaks.

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