Disco, Manukan Style

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When you are in a province or town wherein no sign even a slight of "westernization" yet, disco or dance party happens very seldom. Here in my hometown, disco only happens when it is the town's fiesta, high school prom, victory night and alumni homecoming. No wonder the locals thirst for a big dance event such as a disco.

That's why during the disco happened on the night of November 13 held at the town's sport center, locals, mostly the party-goers at heart rushed in to join the party not minding the entrance fee that was 20 pesos. We, sisters went to party too.  Our brother was already there when we arrived, he was a bit tipsy.

When we entered, the sport center was already this dark, only the disco lights were on and there were lots of folks already moving on the dance floor along with T-pain's butt-shaking beat "Take Your Shirt Off". Oh my, I miss that music!

We managed to find chairs and a table by the entrance. Sitting by the table has a fee of 200 pesos. We positioned our seats facing the dance floor to watch the people who were already engrossed with showing off their dance moves. It was fun!
Later on, the lights were switched on. Someone announced the winners of the various sports and activities held a week before the fiesta.  I had no idea about it. After the announcement, lights went out again and DJ Floyd's remix of the song Gangnam Style soared up in the air. It's when I got my buff off my chair and went to the dance floor with my sisters. There we did our own version of Gangnam style..lol!
Above is the clearest picture I took of DJ Floyd that night (my BB's camera sucks at night). It was good I spotted him before he proceeded to the DJ booth and have exchanged hellos. I was actually surprised upon seeing him. It was good to have him as one of the DJs that night for I did miss his song remixes in Club Centro.


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