Couple's Corner #8: Kiss and Make up

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The topic for today in Couple's Corner is "kiss ans make-up". Wow. This is hubby's favorite moment.  You know that moment when your husband hug you while whispering "i'm sorry baby" on your ear then giving a little love bites and kisses on the side of your ear.  I know and you know where that little kisses will lead you.  It will lead you to an awesome lovemaking, I am not joking.

Most of the time, whether it's my fault or hubby's fault, he is the one who appeases me because when he gets mad he doesn't know the words coming out from his mouth. I know, most girls love to be appeased. Hubby's other ways of appeasing me are cooking for me, talking to me in a very soft and lovable voice, making me literally a baby or  I call it "babying me".  When i take a bath, he himself prepares the towels and  make  hot water for me.  Sometimes though, if I can realize it's my fault and I did serious pain to my husband's heart, I am the one who's coming down to appease him by asking forgiveness. I, sometimes say bad words when I am mad and it is not too hard to ask forgiveness to the one you love.

Well, that's all I can share for the "kiss and make up" topic today.  I am a little busy here helping Cheep  with her school projects and then later on, I'll accompany her to go home to mom. They are having misunderstanding plus I have to talk to our "crazy" sister Cheem who is planning to be away for Christmas.

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