My 23rd Birthday

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Yesterday, I turned a year older.  I am now 23 years old.  I thank God for giving me this year and hopefully next year, the next after the next year and many more years to enjoy the beauty of life being around with people who truly love me, to face more challenges and to taste more sweet and bitter of the ups and downs of life.  I thank my ma and pa for forming me and make me live here in this very wonderful world.  I thank my siblings for being obedient and respectful to me and also, for singing with me in the videoke last night. Of course, I thank the other half of my life, my husband. I thank him for everything: for his patience, for his understanding, and for his unfailing love and care towards me. I do love you so much baby.

My birthday celebration went well. It was just a small celebration but the presence of my family made it grand. I am just used to celebrating my birthday with Jesus. It is so save some penny with the preparation also. Lol. 

Here is the highlight of my birthday: 

December 22, 09 at 12:01 midnight:
Hubby came upstairs (I was in front my computer while talking to my family on the phone) with this little piece of chocolate cake with a lighted candle on singing a "happy birthday" song.

I cannot believe that my family stayed awake at midnight just to greet me "happy birthday". I was wondering what's special with the age 23?

These simple thoughts made me feel so special.

Special gifts I received:
22 not-so-hard spanking and the 23rd very hard spanking from hubby plus a pinch.

Birthday greetings from my blogging friends. Please accept my hearfelt thanks to all of you for making me feel so special. I love you all!

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