July 2011 Top Commentators

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Dhemz (6)
Techie She (4)
Eric Graham Conversion Doctor (4)
Anne (3)
madrassi (2)
A Woman's Note (2)
Mom's Place (2)
Kayce (2)
Rovie (1)
Danny (1)

I am sorry for posting the linky love for my top commentators late. Life has been crazy in my corner. There were lots of worries and unpleasant things that happened. The worries I faced the past weeks were making me crazy. I am just glad the I got the major worry settled yesterday. It was like a big thorn that had pulled off. What a relief!

Anyway, I would like to thank my top commentators for visiting and commenting in my blog posts here. As you might have noticed, I didn't update this blog as much lately. I was saddened due to the lost rank but I thank Google for showering kindness this PR update. It added 1 point to my page rank. Even though I didn't update this blog that much the past month, you still visited and left lines to my posts. Thank you!