IE 8 Made My Blogging Life Miserable

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I have been having a browser problem for 2 days after installing the new Windows update, Internet Explorer 8. For some reason, I couldn’t open my blogs with that new IE update. It kept aborting my sites saying there were certain errors on the script. It has been like that for two days. I was really pissed and frustrated thinking I can’t blog. IE 8 indeed made my blogging life miserable although I was able to visit other blogs for a quick visit before the sites get aborted. I do agree that IE 8 is more advanced, of course. It can really make your browsing faster, easier and safer not to mention the special use of its accelerator. Yet, last night, I finally decided to uninstall it because I cannot really visit my blogs which means I can’t blog. So now I am back to IE 7 and I am no longer facing that problem I was facing with IE 8. Maybe I stick to IE 7 for now.

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