Is Your Home Safe?

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If I didn’t randomly browse online, I didn’t learn about Chinese drywall and its harmful effect to our health and home as reported. It didn’t appear on my search that Philippines have this defective drywall from China. It was only stated that starting 2001, United States imported drywall manufactured in China. After conducting laboratory test, it was identified that Chinese drywall emits sulfur gases and other harmful chemicals which are harmful to human health and even to electrical wiring, copper pipe and  silver jewelry. It as well damages home furnishings and fabrics.

There are several reports of health and home issues widespread over the US caused by Chinese drywall. Some reported health problems include nosebleeds and sinus problems, allergies, breathing difficulty and asthma, rashes and headaches. On home issues, you’ll suffer electrical and piping failures as Chinese drywall causes copper wires and pipes to rust. This really is a big problem isn’t it?

To avoid risking our health and home from these defective drywall, we should check whether the place we called home is free from toxic. How do you know your homes or condos are built with defective Chinese drywall? Your home is built with Chinese drywall:
  • when it is remodeled between 2001 and 2008
  • when there is a sulfur or rotten-egg smell when windows and doors are closed
  • When you and your family suffer allergies, nose bleeds, upper-respiratory problems and other symptoms that totally disappear when you leave the place for good
  • when there is repeated coil corrosion in your air conditioning unit
  • when electrical wirings and pipes in your home corrode or rust
When you are having these problems with Chinese drywall, you can seek help from a Chinese drywall lawyer to help you solve this problem. Don’t risk the health of your family and your home. Take action now!