Migraine Attack and Some Rants

posted by Rechie L on

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I don't understand why I've been sick lately. Just recently I suffered shingles and now with migraine. My resistance to fight against sickness is not high enough to guard my poor self. I wonder about me getting migraine though for there is no reason for it. I've been sleeping right lately to give my eyes and head their proper rest. What I hate about this is the need to visit a doctor. Again? I am so done hearing their "bs" regarding my test results. Well I know we need doctors in our lives but the last doctor I encountered left me a very bad impression. She seemed in a hurry in conducting the test regarding the bumps growing on my face. In the end, she gave me prescriptions and know what, the test cost more than the medicines. 

Anyway, forgive me for ranting. Hubby is just busy with work right now that I cannot talk and rant to him so, I hope you, my visitors and readers you can endure.