Rants on Busy and Sickly Days

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I was away for several days. I was at my hometown celebrating the fiesta. We only had a little preparation for the fiesta enough for the family and some visitors. When I got back the other day, I was busy cleaning the house again for Chizka made a lot of mess. Then later in the afternoon, I received few visitors and stayed for a night here in the house. So I was quite busy these past few days.

Also, I was having chicken pox for the second time. Most of the bumps appear on my face and neck area. I couldn’t believe it at first but the doctor said it is possible to have chicken pox twice if your immunity level to this skin virus is low although this case is very rare. This time this is called shingles. Don’t ask me why it is named shingles for I have no idea. I am just glad that I got a mild one and didn’t have a fever. I am advised to take honey water bath everyday to help with the itch and have some antiviral medicines to avoid from spreading. Thank God I have a so-called “doctor mom”, she let me take the right medicines 3 days before I went to the doctor. The bumps are healing now.