Finally Made My Assignment

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I was so busy yesterday that I was not able to do blog hopping. Our computer teacher gave us an assignment to make a slideshow in PowerPoint. We were required to make a story about our experiences as an exchange student to any foreign countries in a form of a slideshow of about 10 pages. It’s all up to us to choose which country we like to be a make-believe-foreign-exchange student. Since it is to be passed today I prioritized it yesterday and neglected my blogging career for that day. It took me many hours to do the slideshow. I started doing it around 2 pm after an hour rest from lunch. I reached almost 3 am this morning making my 7th slide. Yes, I didn’t get any sleep until 5 in the morning. I got up around 10 am and just decided not to go to school. I was so glad I finished all ten pages for my slideshow today and passed/sent it to my teacher’s email address before the required time of passing. Check out my slide pages.