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We visited our Sarah last Sunday. After three weeks of staying home, my husband and I decided to hang around at our Sunday hangout. Actually, the main purpose was to visit our Sarah. Oh God, I missed her so much. It's just like a feeling of a mother being away from her daughter. Since I was so busy lately, it took 2 days for me to post about this. It is not easy to do my assignments and update my blogs at the same time. Besides, I just transferred Sarah's pictures from my phone to my computer. She have grown so big now and she still remember us which actually made me glad. As soon as she saw us at the gate she then rushed to us wagging her tail. She is such a beautiful and disciplined baby.

I very well know how much she loves picture taking or should I say she loves it when she is the center of our attention. She loves to play and now that she have grown up she loves more games. Her favorite playmates in her new home are the pigeons and an only chick they have. She don't eat them she just wants to play. Our friends (fil-for couple) which are Sarah's new parents now are so much fond of her.
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