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The topic today made me think of the incident that my husband really got me angry. It took me a while to recall the particular incident when hubby really put me on fire with anger. I always get angry with him when he drinks a lot, when he smokes a lot, when there’s no food when I wake up, and when he doesn’t help me washing the dishes. Just little and nonsense things turn into a big fight and give us nonsense anger. As to what I can recall, the situation when hubby got me really angry made me break the cover of the water flusher in our bathroom. When I get mad, I can’t stop myself from breaking things. Hubby knows that. A very childish act it was but I am not doing that no more. I know how to control now. So ok, here is what happened:

It was the first 2 months of being married. Fighting was very often caused by little jealousy, little misunderstanding, and little opposition of beliefs. They said it’s normal for a fresh couple to undergo such things. One night, we were invited to a party in the old place of circus café (owned by an English-Filipina couple) by our Filipina-foreigner friends. Partying out was a usual thing we do every Friday and Saturday. Party, foods and drinks, oh we love it! I lurve it! All the husbands were on the long table having their beers while the wives, including me were on the other side of the table gambling (playing cards). I was darn addicted with “tonghits” even though I always lose money. We, the wives have beers too, of course! We had lots of fun.

Later that night we get too drunk. I got  drunk but not totally faded. I still knew what I was doing.  I was dancing  standing on my chair. I was just enjoying the music. Some of the wives and their husbands then started dancing too. I went to hubby’s chair to check on him and asked him if he wanted to dance. He said no and so he just hugged me so tight. I reacted and said a joke “not to tight baby, you are killing our baby”. That line of mine started our big fight that night. He reacted so badly to that saying why I jeopardize the life of our baby. Well, I was not pregnant and I was just joking at him. He was also thinking that I don’t want him to hug me, which is not true. Well, we were both drunk and we were both on fire driving us to a loud mouth fight. Thinking about it still give me humiliation.

One of the couples tried to calm us down. We did calm down and they took us home. They thought we were ok but when we reached home, more chaos happened. It all started with a joke for me and I can't believe it.  It was no big deal. I don’t know what his other issues are but for me, it was just a joke. Alcohol can really turn somebody stupid. Since he was drunk, he didn’t listen. I wanted to punch him but I can't. I went inside the bathroom tried to calm myself down but to my stupidity I lift the flusher cover and threw it down the other side of bathroom. It landed on the floor in broken pieces. The sound caught his attention, went to check on me if I hurt myself and was delighted I got no wounds. He swept the broken flush cover and totally cleaned it. That’s how our big fight that night started to end. Then we were asking forgiveness to each other for it was just a mere misunderstanding. We ended up taking a shower together and then we made love. Oh, married life!

Since then, he's not allowing me to drink too much alcohol but he is still allowed too much beer. That's not fair!

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