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I was searching online for information about basement waterproofing after hubby talked to me about our future house plan. He is planning to have a basement for our home for storage purposes. A great waterproofing is needed when you are planning to have a basement or even for those houses built with lower level of floorings or under the ground level. As I was searching, I came across Article Alley, an Article directory that has articles of information you need to know including basement waterproofing. It states there that there are numerous ways of waterproofing basement walls and those are French Drains, Hollow Baseboard Molding, Sump Pumps, Waterproofing and Damp proofing.
I agree to what I read on that article that waterproofing is the better option for basement walls in preventing water penetration. After heavy rain, the ground or soil where the basement is standing would become soaked and dampen. It would slowly cause concrete blocks to crack. With rubber, which is present in advanced waterproofing technologies products, we are assured of a superior water protection. This rubber content allows waterproofing product to stay flexible, making its membrane stretch to bridge and settle between cracks on the concretes. What’s also nice with waterproofing is its long term protection that lasts from 25 to 30 years.