TCP: The Shaggy Dog

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Good evening everyone! It's movie time, time for all couch potatoes to gather for movie sharing. The theme this Tuesday is Storge / Familial Love: Because We Are A Family. I've seen several family movies but I forgot almost all of it. So I would like to share something that I just watched recently (again), something that touched my heart and made me laugh. I am sharing "The Shaggy Dog", a 2006 film starring Tim Allen as Dave Douglas.
This is one of the family movies we have. I took a picture of our copy for you all.

Comedian Tim Allen unleashes all the outrageous fun in this doggone hilarious update of Disney's comedy classic! The adventure begins when workaholic Dave Douglas (Allen) is accidentally transformed into a lovable shaggy dog. Now as Dave digs to uncover the mystery, this overworked dad wants nothing more than to stop fetching and get back to fathering. But before he does, he's about to discover that being a man's best friend gives him a curious insight into what it takes to be a great dad!
It is a great movie to watch with the whole family. All the fathers out there will surely be touched. I like the part when Tim Allen, form being a family man turned into a family dog and tried to explain to his kids that he's their dad. Other part I love was when being a shaggy dog, he brought a bouquet of roses for his wife outside the restaurant where they are supposed to be celebrating their anniversary. It was a sad scene but you'll be amazed. 

One thing I love about this movie is the dog. I can relate to it for I have a dog and having a dog is like having an addition to your family. I tell you this, you'll get to love your dog. I tried to get rid of my dog many times when I get mad of her pissing and throwing waste everywhere but everytime I look at her sad face, my heart melts. I just can't let her go for it is already love I felt towards her, a love for a family.