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Time check: it is 2:49 a.m. right at this moment I finished writing this first sentence. Obviously I am still awake at this very moment. I have been a busy bee since yesterday...and until today. For the first time, I am loaded with a lot of writing jobs. For me who haven't been blessed with more than three writing jobs a day, I can say "a lot" for it's not just two or three but eight jobs with reasonable compensation, even more reasonable for my writing skill. I am too overwhelmed with it. I do hope though that all eight articles will be approved. I am not boasting here nor complaining, I am liking it actually. I am liking this reason of being a busy bee for it means getting a living. If only it could be like this everyday, I would gladly accept. Thank God!

By the way, to all Chinese bloggers and friends, I hope it is not too late to greet you a Happy Chinese New Year / Kung Hei Fat Choi / Xīnnián kuàilè / 新年快樂!!!