Mud Fish Scare

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I was freaking out one morning when I heard Cheem, my younger sister screaming from the bathroom. I was upstairs just woke and was about to come down when I heard it. I hurried downstairs and to bathroom only to find out that the mud fish scared her. It was alive and wiggling on the Bathroom Floor Tiles. I got my eyebrows raised with confusion. Fish in not something that scares my sister. But what really scared her is that she didn't know it was there in the bathroom. She was peeing when suddenly slippery thing moving at her foot and at her glance, she thought it was a snake. How the heck it got itself there anyway? I knew there was one alive mud fish left from the ten mud fish father's friend gave to him but I didn't know he put it in a bucket in the bathroom. It must have managed to jump off the bucket for some bathroom exploration. Lol! Cheem got too scared that she fell her butt down the toilet bowl. That was ridiculous! She was the laughing stock that day.