The Dating Profiles Meme: Fresh Air

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1. I consider myself a "breath of fresh air", not materialistic or fakey in any shape or form. Who are you fooling? Well, not me!

2. I’m just looking for someone to enjoy & share life with.....any takers??! That's a good idea to enjoy a single life before deciding to settle down.

3. I try to see the world as still viable, and valid. Try to contribute good things and deeds to the world to make it viable first. 

4. Seeking a partner that loves the mind as the true sexual, and emotional component of the human condition, hungers for a partner that can match me vibe 4 vibe. You should look for your own self, it'll surely match you vibe for vibe.

5. I need and desire a mate that will challenge my mind, make me laugh, and stir my heart in a blender of complex yet simple moves. Your matching mate is a teacher or a reality TV host; they seem good in giving challenges but how much is the blender, they might need one?

6. Talk 2 me,not at me. I will listen to u, not through u. Nice!

7. I am not afraid of the word need!!! Really? Ok then, I NeeD you to buy me a cruise ship!!! How's that? 

8. my hobbies are hanging out wachin movies socially drink alittle but love someun that is pacinate abt what they wants. I was not breathing while reading number 8. 

9. This is only the beginning. of what?

10. I love to laugh. I have saying either laugh or get mad. You must be some kind of a, i don't know. (laughing)

1 comment