Gloria de Dapitan Adventure

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We had lots of fun moments yesterday at Glorietta or Gloria de Dapitan. They were celebrating the new official opening time in all establishments which is 12:00 noon and closing time 11:00 pm. Gloria de Dapitan, (in US standards is a mini mall) a gated business community wherein various forms and kinds of establishments are built inside. It is located in the Shrine City of Dapitan, off the beach. The place is really amazing, worth to visit for a night adventure. There are also hotels and restaurants for your convenience. When you get tired of strolling around and need some relaxation, you can see various hotels and restaurants outside Glorietta, along the beach for you to choose from.

Inside Glorietta. Feel the solemnity at day time and rock with the dancing water and lights with fountain at night!

Though we were kind of late and missed the parade early in the morning at 7, we did not miss so much fun at all. I was really never thinking of coming because there was something more important going on in school but I couldn’t stand the sadness on my hubby’s face missing the especial event including rounds of beers and fun debates with his circle of friends. Besides, it would be inappropriate not to come since we were invited by the owners of Circus Caffe, which are friends of ours.

We arrived around 3:00 pm; the dishes for buffet are already served. It was P200.00 eat all you can service. I should have taken a picture of their plate so you can see how big the plate was. Gezz! It was big enough for 4 people. So what me and my husband did, we just eat in one plate since we used of eating in just one plate at home and any other parties. The delicious foods made me forget about taking photos for my blog at the meantime.

Hubby and me, full with our late lunch.

After messing up with the foods, the husbands' as usual, were gathered on their beer table while me, Ate Melodina(Circus Caffe) and Ate Melchie(BMB) went to shop. Here are some photos for you:

Shopping center inside Glorietta.

I'm wearing my new Abercrombie Tshirt i just bought in this store.

Husbands beer time.

Later that night, we though of playing cards while another set of dishes served for dinner. Playing cards(tonghits) has been wives usual practice once we get together, wherever, we don’t care as long as there is play cards.

Foreigners' Wives caught on gambling!!!
We decided to stop only when loud remix music played and on stage were two mascots gracefully dancing along the beat. The program had begun. There were kids sung their favorite songs. Some boys grooving on stage showing off their best moves. There were Trivia Questions and “bring me” games, which, I won twice to be explained in my later post.
Mascots can do the beat!

Group of talented kids.