Thursday Gimik

posted by Rechie L on


Thursday is Dennis and Chin's day. Meaning, every thursday hangout is the couple's house. It is just 15 to 20 mins ride using my husband's raider 150, speed 6 bike from our home in Orchid Villa. Dennis, which is an American married to Ate Chin, a filipina. They are living here in the Philippines for years now and will be staying for good.

Since it's Thursday, early at 2 pm today we already got ourselves ready and arrived at the Thursday hangout right on time. Just like an ordinary party day, the men hang around the pool table and by the bar while women gathered together to our gambling table. We played tonghits as usual , it's kinda like rummy though they differ in some moves. I lost P400.00 today, not bad, unlike last week i lost a thousand. Anyway, we are not counting on how much we can bag every play as long as we enjoyed playing, that's all that matters.

Women enjoying the games, while men enjoying the drinks.