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A Personality Development and Public Relation Seminar exclusively for vocational students was held last Sunday at Vocational Technology Institute building in Andres Bonifacio College, Dipolog City. It started at nine in the morning hosted by Ms. Cheryl Garcia, our classmate, who introduced and welcomed the honored guest speaker Mrs. Janette Ranillo Asprer. I was so glad I did able to attend the seminar because I learned a lot.

The seminar was all about developing one’s personality to attain proper etiquette in any fields. What is personality? Personality is a sum of the physical, mental, emotional and social characteristic of a person or an individual. How do we behave with people and how we cooperate in the community or organization? Personality is the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of an individual. How do we carry ourselves in times of crisis? How do we behave in front of our enemies and friends? It is the visible aspect of one’s characteristics as it impresses others.

The first topic being discussed was about “After College”. What is our ambition? How do we see ourselves after college? Can we be a worker, a wife, a husband, a computer technician, an office manager or an executive in a corporate? Regardless of what our profession will be, we all need personality development or personality enhancement on how we behave ourselves. It is very important because wherever we go, we meet people, we interact with people and we are judge on how we act, on how we bring ourselves and on how we talk as it is part of our personality.

The next topic was about people’s social practice around the globe, the proper etiquette. Talking about etiquette, it is a social grace; a propriety of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion. Actually proper etiquette was already practiced long ago in London. Different nationalities have different culture, thus Philippine culture differs from any other county. Most of Philippine etiquette was derived from America. The most varied culture is Asia, although most of them are informed into Philippines etiquette due to globalization.

Third topic was about Job Hunting and Interviews. What we are and what grade we have in college is very important. It does not matter if we are top grader during high school and elementary, what matters most is the grade we have in college because it serves as our recommendation and proof that we deserve the job we are applying for. Good grades gain good jobs. During interviews you have to be early and well prepared. Dress appropriately and neatly. Speak clearly and should make an eye to eye contact to the interviewer. Addressing the interviewer twice is very impressive. Shake hands twice and thank twice.

Fourth was about the workplace and colleagues. If there’s a competition inside the classroom there is also a competition inside the workplace between workers and colleagues. We should play well with our co-workers, get along with them and go with the flow. We have to be noticed by our employer in working a good job, if you are known you are close to getting a promotion. We should work harder and smarter and productively. Be humble with the boss because employees can’t win a fight with the boss. Know who you are working with and accept politics.

Very important is table etiquette. Whether we have a job or not, rich or poor, a manager or just a secretary, we need to know about table etiquette even we are just home. Everybody have the right to learn about table etiquette and it is nice that we know how to eat properly during parties or even inside our home. Here are the basics; 1. Once seated unfold the napkin 2. Never start eating before the most. 3. Keep elbows off the table. 4. When finished eating, position the cutlery side by side and 4 o’clock pouting the center of the plate.

Grooming and personal hygiene. It is about taking care of ourselves. Proper use of make-up gives more appealing look in addition to carrying one’s self properly in interacting with people. When we are working in an office we have to be entertaining to the clients or costumers. We should treat them nicely and politely.