Jollibee Party

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A “fil-for” couple, our new friends that we just met here in Dipolog City invited us to attend the celebration of their baby girl’s 1st birthday last Friday. The place is just a few blocks away from our home, so it was very convenient for us or for me rather that i was able to get my hair done before the party started. It was a Jollibee kiddy party. Hmmnn…sounds delicious isn’t it? Well, the foods were really delicious that it made my belly stretched a little bit more. Plus, they prepared homemade cakes and some Filipino dishes, hmmnn…I won’t say NO when it comes to that. Lol.

What caught my attention was the Jollibee mascot. It unleashed the kid in me. There was no fun just by watching the kids happily dancing with the mascot so I joined them showing off my best kiddy moves. It was fun dancing with the lively, big, dancing bee and receiving it's naughty wink. Before the party ended, i did not forget to ask my husband to take picture of me and the Jolly Bee.