Jodi's Meme: My Life According to Mariah Carey

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It is Sunday Stealing once again. The masterminds gave me a hard time with today’s meme but I tell you, I am having fun. Today’s meme is very challenging because you have to answer the following questions using a song title from only one artist. Whew! Check how I did.

Artist: Mariah Carey

-Are you a male or female?
“I Am That Chick”
-Describe yourself
-How do you feel right now?
-If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
“Underneath The Stars”
-Your favorite form of transportation
“Fly Away”
-Describe Your Morning Routine
“It’s Like That”
-Your best friend is
“Always Be My Baby”
-What's the weather like
“Through The Rain”
-Pet Peeve?
-If your life was a TV show, what would it be called
-Your relationship
“We Belong Together”
-Your Fear
“Bringing on the Heartbreak”
-What is the best advice you have to give?
“When You Believe”
-If you could change your name, you would change it to
-What do you say when you are frustrated?
"There's Got To Be A Way"
-Thought for the day
“You Had Your Chance"
-How you would like to die
-Your soul's present condition
"So Blessed"
-Your motto
“Everything Fades Away”

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