Grave Hopping On All Souls Day (A Little Creepy)

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Our humble community here in Orchids Villas didn’t host trick or treat for kids last October 31 to celebrate Halloween. It was all good though because hubby and I forgot to buy some candies and besides, Philippines do not really do trick of treat. Not so many people host Halloween parties here in the Philippines. So, this November, just like last year, hubby and I went to my hometown at my parents’ house and hubby once again experienced grave hopping.

From November 01 (All Saints Day) to November 02 (All Souls day), all cemeteries were full of people visiting their loved-ones who are peacefully resting on their graves. Candle and flower vendors were all over the street. Those are most buys during All Saints and All Souls day here in the Philippines. Some families are staying overnight at the cemetery hanging around their loved-ones grave with foods and drinks. Some put up tents for the night and some do not sleep at all and just enjoy themselves over liquors and topics about anything.
What we did was just grave hopping. We only visited all our loved-ones graves, said a little prayer, lighted candles and offered flowers. While at the cemetery, I couldn’t help myself but take a picture of these graves that seemed to be attacked by thieves.
Anyway, when we got home at night, we offered foods, drinks (liquors and soft drinks), cigarettes, and anything that we thought our loved-ones would want when they were still alive on our altar. So, how did your Halloween, All Souls Day and All Saints Day went?

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