Monday Mayhem: Thom's 8 Words Meme

posted by Rechie L on


Life's quite challenging for me today, as challenging as this meme below. I have to answer each question using only 8 words with a photo. Well, check my answers:

1. Your love life
It is great despite of the little fights.

2. Your worst habit
Leaving wet bath towels on bed after using.

3. The city you live in
A small community called Orchid Villas in Dipolog.

4. Your pet peeve
People whose noses are up in the air.

5. Your parents
They are my precious treasures above this earth.

6. You favorite dessert
Mango float is always the best for me.

7. Your worst vacation
I don't have any worst vacation so far.

8. Yourself
I'm friendly and easy to get along with.

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