Couple's Corner #4: Marriage Proposal

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This is a continuation to my Couple’s Corner #3 post last week. From stopping by at the hotel hubby and I were going to stay, we, along with my mama and siblings went straight home to Manukan (my hometown). It was the first time the family saw Gary. They were all looking at him silently the entire trip. I knew their feeling. They didn’t know what to say and how they were going to approach Gary. When we arrived home, papa already fixed the table for a late lunch. My parents had a pig roasted and prepared some Filipino dishes for Gary. Right then and there, he knew how hospitable my parents are. He was treated like a king and our neighbors were all gathered around the house being nosy. Our neighbors and some of our relatives belittle me enough to be doubtful about me being visited by a white guy to think Gary was 38 years young and handsome. They simply didn’t believe that a foreigner would be interested with a petite girl like me.
So, a little party in the house went on. My father and my brother started talking to Gary while eating. We did have a sumptuous lunch together despite of the presence of the nosy neighbors outside. We were all laughing because papa tried so hard to speak English as well as mom. After that late lunch, Gary take out the small boxes inside a paper bag he’d been carrying on our way home. I was wondering what that was but my question was answered right at that moment. It was his presents to my family. My mama got a necklace, my papa got a special pen, a pencil and a marker which dad uses for his work, my brother got a pair of Boss cologne and deodorant, my sister Chem got a bracelet and a pair of earring for Cheep. And last but not least, I got a Toshiba laptop so I don’t need to go to an Internet café to talk to Gary. I thought that was it but nope. Gary took something out from his pocket. He sat beside me trembling and with his trembling voice; he asked me “Rechie, will you marry me”? with an engagement ring at his right hand.

It was shocking and unexpected! All along our entire trip back home from picking him up he was thinking of how he was going to propose to me. He apologized and begged for my love again yet he didn't give me a hint he was going to propose. Such a bad boy! I was speechless for a while. It seemed so hard to say something after I heard it. Then tears started to fall down from my eyes. It was tears of joy knowing he was going to be mine forever (no divorce in the Philippines lol) and tears of pain because I was still hurting with what happened to the both of us in the past. Getting over it was not that fast but that day everything happened so fast especially when I answered him “yes, I’ll marry you.” I knew I love him and the fact that he loves me that’s why he proposed, who am I to say no? I can’t and didn’t want to.

Witnessing Gary’s proposal, my parents became uneasy. My father was silently sitting in the sofa in front of us while my mother was walking back and forth to the store and to the kitchen. Gary requested me to talk to my parents of what they were thinking. If they agreed or disagreed but then ma and pa told me “if that’s what you want, we cannot stop you. But take things slow.” I was just 20 years old then. Gary and I understood the parents’ feelings towards their children getting married esp. at the early age. So, Gary and I agreed to get married after 1 year. Ops, I guess 21 years old is legal enough to get married.

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